HF CB Frequencies

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The Citizen Band Radio Service (CBRS) is a two-way, short distance, voice communications service that provides a cheap, reliable means of communication.
The service is for public access and available to everyone with no right of exclusivity to any one party.
The service operates under a class licence. Class licences do not need to be applied for nor is any fee due.
There are a total of 40 channels with a bandwidth spacing of 6 KHz for AM operations. SSB using LSB or USB must not exceed 3 KHz bandwidth.
Transmitter power for AM is limited to 4 watts whilst SSB is limited to 12 watts.

ChannelTX FrequencyRX FrequencyModeComment
126.96526.965SimplexGeneral chat channel
226.97526.975SimplexGeneral chat channel
326.98526.985SimplexGeneral chat channel
427.00527.005SimplexGeneral chat channel
527.01527.015SimplexGeneral chat channel
627.02527.025SimplexGeneral chat channel
727.03527.035SimplexGeneral chat channel
827.05527.055SimplexHighway channel
927.06527.065SimplexEmergency channel
1027.07527.075SimplexGeneral chat channel
1127.08527.085SimplexAM Call channel
1227.10527.105SimplexGeneral chat channel
1327.11527.115SimplexGeneral chat channel
1427.12527.125SimplexGeneral chat channel
1527.13527.135SimplexGeneral chat channel
1627.15527.155SimplexLSB Call channel
1727.16527.165SimplexGeneral chat channel
1827.17527.175SimplexGeneral chat channel
1927.18527.185SimplexGeneral chat channel
2027.20527.205SimplexGeneral chat channel
2127.21527.215SimplexGeneral chat channel
2227.22527.225SimplexGeneral chat channel
2327.25527.255SimplexGeneral chat channel
2427.23527.235SimplexGeneral chat channel
2527.24527.245SimplexGeneral chat channel
2627.26527.265SimplexGeneral chat channel
2727.27527.275SimplexGeneral chat channel
2827.28527.285SimplexGeneral chat channel
2927.29527.295SimplexGeneral chat channel
3027.30527.305SimplexGeneral chat channel
3127.31527.315SimplexGeneral chat channel
3227.32527.325SimplexGeneral chat channel
3327.33527.335SimplexGeneral chat channel
3427.34527.345SimplexGeneral chat channel
3527.35527.355SimplexLSB Call channel
3627.36527.365SimplexGeneral chat channel
3727.37527.375SimplexGeneral chat channel
3827.38527.385SimplexGeneral chat channel
3927.39527.395SimplexGeneral chat channel
4027.40527.405SimplexGeneral chat channel